Mobile Network Solutions

Enabling High Speed Mobile Broadband Solutions

As with most markets, growth and uptake of new products and technologies are primarily driven by consumers. Consumers demands and needs adapt over time which places greater emphasis and importance on innovation and technological advancements.

One of the greatest innovations of the 21st Century has been the development of a ‘Connected Society’ thanks to the latest generation of broadband technologies. People want mobility - they want to work, play and relax while being connected anywhere and at anytime. Being able to conduct business while out of the office or while travelling enables greater productivity. Mobile Network builders around the world all want to deliver the quality and consistency of service to their customers through high-speed mobile networks. Having the right infrastructure in place is the first building block in achieving this objective.


Bringing Content to Life and improving the User experience

In addition to a standard mobile voice connection, consumers now expect access to Email, Internet, Social Media, Video and Apps all through their mobile device.

With the advancement of Smartphone’s, content from anywhere around the globe is at our fingertips. We can connect, create and share all through a seemingly simple device. Content comes alive and the user experience is enhanced as what could be done on a desktop PC can now be done in the palm of one’s hand.

Telecom Mobile Network providers all face the challenge of providing the necessary infrastructure to allow for the connection of society. The most important and critical aspects in making a quality, high capacity network possible is what mobile users don’t see, such as the cable infrastructure, transmission equipment and mobile radio base stations.


Warren & Brown Mobile Radio Products and Solutions

Warren & Brown work with Telecom Network builders to provide the necessary infrastructure required to deliver a quality service. Whether a 3G, 4G or LTE network is being deployed, all Network builders are looking for ways to minimise CAPEX. Warren & Brown provides a full fibre management solution, which can be customised to deliver a multitude of Fibre-to-the- Antenna (FTTA) options.


Introduction to Warren & Brown Mobile Networks Products and Solutions

Warren and Brown Technologies has developed a solution that describes the requirement for a Hybrid power /optical fibre cable and connection system of Remote Radio Units (RRU), to associated Digital Baseband Equipment for use in Cellular Mobile Networks.

This innovative approach to cabling for Mobile Radio base stations has proven to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network builders. By simplifying cable construction and introducing streamlined connection devices and boxes, Warren & Brown has a total solution that allows for easy and cost effective installations. Connectors, cables and components all meet the highest possible standards which ensures consistent and uninterrupted transmissions.

In addition, inter operability is not an issue as all various cabling solutions offered by Warren & Brown Technologies are proven to work with network equipment transmission products from a variety of vendors.


Benefits of Warren & Brown Mobile Networks Products and Solutions

A Base stations architecture consists of 2 functional elements, the Remote Radio Unit (RRU) and Baseband unit (BBU). Traditionally dsesigned base stations had the RRU and BBU co-located at the base of tower which was then connected to the antenna at the top of the mast by heavy and hi-loss coaxial cables. Therefore, this resulted in high power consumption, high deployment costs and a excessive equipment.

A distributed base station architecture was introduced which resulted ib reduced operational, deployment and system costs. BBU and RRU functions could then be physically seperated so that BBU equipment could be conveniently located to optimize power usage and size and space requirements and RF transceivers could be relocated next to their respective antennas, in RRU enclosures.

Most Radio Access equipment has been designed with digital interfaces rather analogue. Optical fibre cable is now becoming the preferred choice for connecting RRU and BBU equipment. Optical fibre provides high bandwidth, low latency and reliable transmission. In addition, optical fibre cable simplifies the installation as it is much more cost effective and lighter to haul to the top of the tower when compared to coaxial cable which is typically from 1.5” to 2.25” in diametre.

Power also needs to be transmitted and distributed at the top of the tower. Warren & Brown’s innovative Hybrid cable design incorporates both fibre and power cable into the same cable design. This minimises operational and installation costs and also provides a secure way of installing and upgrading equipment.