A Big Aussie Thank You

For over 90 years, Australian businesses and individuals have supported the design, manufacturing and service of the 100% Australian owned company, Warren and Brown Technologies and the thousands of Australians that have been employed in this company over those many decades.

In the more recent three decades, the Australian Telecommunications industry has been at the forefront of global network development and has relied on Warren and Brown Technologies to provide Australian design and manufacturing innovations in meeting their network obligations to the Australian public.

The entrenched and dedicated Telstra support of Warren and Brown Technologies Australian design, manufacturing and supply, and in more recent years the support of NBNCo, has allowed the business and staff to make inroads into a range of countries around the world with renowned Australian design and manufacturing.

In addition to our work with NBNCo, W&BT is proud to provide leading edge products to Telstra including the iconic copper cross connect pillar, which has been redesigned with many new features and is now manufactured at our Melbourne headquarters.

This could not be achieved without great Australian companies forming great Australian partnerships.

These great Aussie partnerships have been built through customer participation and controls, through supplier reliability, ingenuity and flexibility. In addition, local Australian design and manufacturing and supply security can only come from Australian manufacturers with a solid and long history of delivering for Australian companies of all sizes.

Yes, we have much to be proud of at W&BT, but more than anything else, we owe our success and pride to all those major Australian Telcos, consultants, technicians, installers and contractors who have supported this nimble and agile Australian telecommunications vendor over the many years. It has allowed Australian technical professionals to be confident in their Australian careers.

So we wish to unreservedly thank all those people and organisations for making Warren and Brown Technologies and its staff to be proud of serving the world leading Australian Telecommunications industry.

And as our Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull points out, “The Intergenerational Report, with every page, cries out for innovation, for science, for technology, for productivity. Becuase, if we are to win the opportunities of the future….if we are to sieze the future in the optimistic way the treasurer has described, the government has described, then we need to be able to embrace volatility. Volatility has to be our friend, not our enemy. The future is not something we proof ourselves against, it is something we embrace.

And to do that, we need to be nimble, we need to be agile”.

We look forward to continuing the building of world leading expertise with our major partners.

Managing Director.

N H Domelow


Posted on Mar 12, 2015
General News