Aussie Battler backs FTTP Initiative with New Gen R&D and manufacturing facility

A Victorian based Telecommunications supply company is about to open its latest R&D and manufacturing expansion which will provide cutting edge technology for the Australian and overseas FttX (Fibre-to–the-Home/Buisness/Business,etc) markets.

Warren and Brown Technologies Pty Ltd is an SME that has spent the last 25 years evolving as a leading supplier of telecommunications products to both domestic major networks and overseas markets.

The new facilities will allow the company to expand its R&D and manufacturing facilities by some 200%, with a major focus on passive optical fibre FttX products, systems and solutions.

The new facility will be officially opened on the 27th August at 9.30am by Senator the Honourable Stephen Conroy, Federal Minister for Health & the Ageing Nicola Roxon and Parliamentary Secretary for Industry & Trade Ms Marsha Thomson.

Neil Domelow, Managing Director, said “at the time of deciding to undertake this expansion the world economy was powering ahead and the FttX market was growing steadily overseas. Much has changed in the last twelve

months with FttH projects overseas going into slow mode”.

Mr Domelow said “we always believed that FttX would take off, driven by consumer demand for gigabyte hungry products and Government imperatives to match the social and economic advantages of countries that have already got on the FttX bullet train”.

“We are very pleased that Australia is going to get on and deliver the infrastructure

that will allow our children and grand children to actively participate in the rapidly developing high speed broadband world, Mr Domelow said”.

He said “with the level of commitment made to the Australian FttP network by the Federal Government it will provide great opportunities for home grown Australian companies, like Warren and Brown Technologies, to lead the way in developing products and solutions for the local FttH market. This will then lead to the development of significant export market opportunities for those Australian companies, in other FttP developing countries”.

Warren and Brown Technologies has been able to compete successfully in the global Telecommunications market by being an agile R&D and manufacturing company which has been able to provide customers with product solutions much quicker than the larger international companies.

Mr Domelow said “we are hopeful that this local Australian initiative and commitment to local R&D and manufacturing by the Warren and Brown team, will be justified by support from the network builders”.

As well as a large stable of central office, Data centre and FttX products, Warren and Brown is one of the leading global suppliers of optical fibre ducting for the efficient and effective management of optical fibre cabling.

Posted on Aug 27, 2009
General News