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Warren & Brown Technologies is a company that has been founded on precision and innovation. The company was originally established in 1921 as a tool-making factory in Melbourne, Australia. It joined the large automotive component manufacturer conglomerate REPCO in 1949 and re-emerged as Warren & Brown & Staff in 1986 when five former managers bought the division from REPCO’s new owners. The strategic need to diversify into the technology industry was immediately identified by the new owners. Warren & Brown Technologies is still privately owned by 2 Australian directors.

Nowadays the Company has a well-established track record in product development for domestic and export markets. This has only been made possible through constant industry research worldwide and a team of highly motivated, well-travelled product development engineers. The company prides itself on being one of the most customer responsive product developers in the fibre optic management market.

As well as operating state of the manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia, Warren & Brown Technologies is also able to support the SE Asian and other global markets through its Philippines manufacturing and sales office.

The company of Warren and Brown was founded as a partnership in 1921 by Mr Andrew C. Brown and Mr William H. Warren. All works and product development was carried out in a 16’ x 20’ shed which was located on the company present site.

W.H. Warren co-founder and M.D till 1939

Andy Brown co-founder and G.M till 1939
After carrying out work in tool making and gear cutting for several years, it was decided to concentrate upon the manufacture of tools to service the motor trade which was then in its very early growth stages.

Right from the outset concentration was placed on quality of the highest degree, with the result that the trade mark "W&B" soon became recognized as representing the best of this class of equipment in Australia.
The partnership was converted into a proprietary company.
Dec 1934
Andy Brown departed on an overseas trip which covered Colombo, Egypt, Europe, Britain, United States, Canada, Honolulu, Pago Pago, Fiji and New Zealand and it took him 257 days to return back to Australia.

Although Andy visited a number of engineering works during this trip, skiing the world's slopes would no doubt have also been a high priority.
1939 - 1948
Bob Brown - General Manager
Apart from manufacturing its normal range of tools, the factory took a leading role in the production of equipment, tools and gauges for war purposes and was largely responsible for the more important tooling associated with the .303 ammunition. This time it was Andy's son Bob who was requisitioned by the Government Directorate of Machine Tools and Gauges to develop the Warren & Brown facilities and skills to the requirements of the war effort.
Post war
With the end of the war came the great demand for equipment of all kinds, with the unprecedented expansion of manufacturing industries, especially the motor industry. In the interval between 1944 and 1947, it was considered that the company could profitably enter business outside the engineering field and, for this reason, Brenco Pty. Ltd was registered as a separate company. The name BRENCO arriving from the first two letters of BROWN and the last two letters of WARREN, along with CO for company.
1948 - 1961
Bob Black - General Manager

In the early 1950's Bob became the first divisional manager of a group of Repco companies.

January 1953 saw him accepting the challenge of management in a new field of engineering – the manufacture of engine parts. He later became divisional general manager of the Engine Parts Group and in December 1960 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Repco Limited. (Bob died in August 2000).
Aug 1948
Signal type torque indicating wrench was patented.
May 1949
Warren & Brown Pty Ltd became part of the Repco organisation and with the added resources available, the company’s products expanded into the heavier equipment field, such as clutch rebuilders, testers, boring bars and other machines. Andy retired soon after the company joined Repco Ltd in 1949.
1961 - 1966
Ralph Hewitt - General Manager
1966 - 1977
Ron Saggers - General Manager
1985 - 1986
As a result of a significant change in ownership and corporate direction by the parent Repco Group in 1985, Warren and Brown was finally purchased by five of its management team in 1986 and relocated to its present site in Maidstone. Renamed Warren and Brown and Staff, the company became a privately owned Proprietary Limited company.
Due to it’s reputation as a quality tool manufacturer, Warren & Brown was approached by Telecom Australia (Telstra) to develop and produce coax cable stripping tools, which set the company on it’s journey into the telecommunication industry, with many optical fibre management products to follow over the years.
Warren and Brown was listed in the BRW Top 500 Australian Exporters with our Optical Fibre Raceway Ducting.
The company changed its name from Warren and Brown and Staff to Warren and Brown Technologies.
Awarded the Telstra Australia Victorian Small / Medium Enterprise Exporter of the Year 2000 and a National finalist.
The announcement of a home grown National Broadband Network (NBN) spurred on Warren and Brown to build a $4.1m R&D and distribution facility in Melbourne.

New WBT building construction.
Aug 2009
Warren & Brown opened its R&D and manufacturing expansion to provide cutting edge technology for the Australian and overseas FttX (Fibre-to–the-Home/Buisness,etc) markets. The new facility was officially opened on the 27th August at 9.30am by Senator, the Honourable Stephen Conroy, Federal Minister for Health & the Ageing Nicola Roxon and Parliamentary Secretary for Industry & Trade Ms Marsha Thomson.
The contractor responsible for the integration of all media services in the Burj Khalifa Tower, Bond Communications, sought out Warren & Brown Technologies to develop a new and innovative method of field termination.
Awarded A$198 million NBNCo. Contracts for High Density Fibre Optic Frames, Sub racks, Fibre Wall Outlets & Customer Premises Field Installable Optical Connectors.
Vietnamese telco Viettel fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project.

The project began to take shape in May 2013 when a contingent of Viettel executives visited Australia and met with management teams from NBN Co and Telstra. The Viettel team immediately recognised the value of the Australian NBN and entered into negotiations with Warren & Brown to develop a trial network in Vietnam.

The two companies then entered into an agreement in April 2014 for a consultation service to roll out the proposed FTTH network, starting with Warren & Brown working with Viettel in the design of the optical distribution network (ODN) and in establishing which passive optical network (PON) architecture would be best suited to urban and rural areas.