WBT has assembled a variety of all-inclusive systems to house Wireless/Mobile network infrastructure, which has proven to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network builders. Our latest solution has been designed with industry leading technology to optimise 4G and 5G networks.

Reduced cable congestion

Due to the reduced diameter of hybrid cables, congestion is reduced on the pole, allowing more room for additional RRU and cable deployments. A ½” hybrid cable can support one mobile sector. In addition, the 7/8” hybrid cable can support up to 4 RRU’s, and the 1 ¼” hybrid cable can support up to 9 RRU’s.

Easier network upgrades

The hybrid cabling systems for multiple RRU’s only needs to be installed once. Even if it is initially servicing 1 RRU, it has spare capacity for additional upgrades for up to 9 RRU’s. Rather than deploying extra cable up the pole, a simple hybrid jumper cable from the interface box to the RRU is connected to provide an extra service.


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