Warren and Brown Philippines Delivers Food Aid to Typhoon Victims

Warren and Brown Technologies Philippines (W&BTP) recently took part in a relief aid for the effected region of Tacloban City, Philippines due to the tragedy of Typhoon Yolanda. The Typhoon impacted a total of 271 families, or 1,809 individuals, affected areas received relief aid when W&BTP teamed up with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

On the 22 September 2014, W&BTP partnered with IOM on delivering food items such as sugar, energy biscuits, various canned items and meats in four different sites in the northern part of Tacloban. W&BTP also donated three months worth of food supplies to the Tagpuro Boys’ Shelter on 23 September, as the company wanted to contribute that little bit of extra support for the children in the devastated region.

Deopper Fernandez, Sales and Product Manager of W&BTP said it makes a big difference being in Tacloban and personally “sharing your blessings. It’s totally different when you simply donate money to an organisation versus having an interaction with survivors and doing this”. Referring to the company and staffs distribution of goods to the affected communities, “it puts things perspective, I we can come back.”

For more on this story please visit http://philippineresponse.iom.int/blog/food-aid-came-tacloban%E2%80%99s-transitional-sites



Posted on Oct 20, 2014
General News