Warren & Brown Technologies teams up with Kaya FC Academy to sponsor Gawad Kalinga kids

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) is Australia’s top supplier of connectivity for the telecommunications industry and is considered a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of optical fiber and copper cabling systems that lead the way in providing reliable high-quality network connections. The Australian-Filipino company has been an ardent supporter of Kaya FC since 2014, and its involvement with the club has always been focused on youth development programs through Kaya FC Academy.

For the past three years, WBT has worked with Kaya FC Academy and supported their football programs and endeavors. WBT has also provided the academy with footballs that are used daily at training sessions. Moreover, the partnership has resulted in hosting and organizing successful and competitive football tournaments that bring together players from different teams, communities, backgrounds, and walks of life in a competitive and fair environment. Neil Domelow, the managing director of WBT, explained the tournament as a way promoting competitive sportsmanship among the youth.

“WBT wants to contribute in our small way to raising the standard of football in the Philippines and be associated with a club that does its best to provide opportunities to the less fortunate in our society. Ultimate goal is to see the Philippines be part of the World Cup at sometime in the next four to eight years.”

WBT is now on its third year of sponsoring the club, and to show its unwavering dedication and unparalleled commitment to the development of grassroots football in the Philippines, the company has offered a full scholarship to 14 kids from the Gawad Kalinga (GK) community.

“As a family, we always followed EPL [English Premier League], and our two boys started playing as soon as they could kick a ball, so we had a family interest. We have been lucky in our business life and wanted to give something back to the community that supports us. Kaya presented that opportunity!” Neil shared.

Neil also mentioned that what continues to inspire him to support grassroots development is his dream: “A dream that one day someone from Kaya will play in the EPL.” If Kaya and WBT can work together to pave the way for big dreams and turn them into reality, then that will inspire a generation of young footballers and truly elevate the standard of Philippine football. As Kaya and WBT pave the way for big dreams, we are proud to introduce some of the sponsored players from GK.

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Posted on Apr 5, 2017
General News