Warren & Brown Expands Manufacturing and Sales capacity in the Philippines

Warren & Brown are pleased to announce the relocation of its Philippines manufacturing and sales facility from its place of origin in Makati City to a new facility which will provide twice the floor area and will also provide improved amenities for employees. The Philippines sales and manufacturing facility which initially began in 1997 with 3 employees has grown to include close to 30 employees specialising in sales, technical support, optical fibre termination and passive optical hardware manufacturing.

The expansion is to further service the Asia Pacific region and to provide additional manufacturing capacity to the Maidstone, Melbourne office.

The expansion is to due for completion prior to Christmas this year and will also result in complete IT interaction between parent and subsidiary.

WBT is confident that this latest expansion will continue to increase our customer service levels and provide world class reliability of supply to our customers.


Posted on Mar 9, 2011
General News